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Tequila here....
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  1. Cuervo Gold 1L

    Cuervo Gold 1L

    1 liter, 38% Learn More
  2. Cuervo Silver 1L

    Cuervo Silver 1L

    1 liter, 38% Learn More
  3. Patron Tequila Platinum

    Patron Tequila Platinum

    0.7 liter, 40% Learn More
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About Us

"The Still" offers premium brands of spirits, whisky's, liqueurs and much more for a reasonable price. As you can see we hold a lot of brands on stock and the ones we do not have on stock can be delivered to the island within a few days.

Can you not find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will get it for you. 
Best value bottles! please compare our prices to the ones of our competitors but be aware that we sell a lot of our drinks in liter bottles. When calculating our best value products, add between 33% (0,75liter bottles) or 45% (0,70 liter bottles) to the competitors prices to see the deal you are getting